Hello friends!

President of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige recently said that Venom would not be seen in the MCU, which came as no real surprise given that by all indications Venom would be featured in a separate and R-rated universe. Well, now it would seem that was this response might be the standard type of Feige/MCU "shrouded in mystery" reply that we're all used to.

In recent interview, Spider-Man producer and former Sony Pictures head Amy Pascal come out and said that while Venom will indeed have its own universe, he will also exist in Spider-Man's, who as we all know is now part of the MCU. And on top of that, she revealed all of this while sitting right fucking  next to Kevin Feige. Holy shit. Check out the video! 

The fucking grin on Kevin Feige's face is awesome. Here's hoping the seemingly good working relationship between Sony and Marvel lives on. It could only be in Sony's best interest to keep Peter Parker and crew in the MCU in some form or fashion for the foreseeable future. Dollar. Dollar. Bills y'all. 

And I don't want to say that I called this, but I totally fucking called this. Sony is going to use Venom to build their R-rated Spidey-verse, while our wall-crawler grows up and graduates high school. Best believe that Spider-Man's next trilogy of movies after Homecoming will focus on his fight with Venom for one, the Green Goblin for another and ending with Carnage.