Hello friends!

Courtesy of a spoiler via a cast list from Sony,  we know that Donald Glover is playing Aaron Davis, aka the Prowler, in Spider-Man: Homecoming and while this in and of itself is exciting, fans of the comics are about to shit themselves. Davis specifically references his "nephew" during one of his scenes in the film. For those don't read the comics, Davis' nephew is none other than Miles Morales, aka Ultimate Spider-man. Fuck yeah!

Miles Morales took up the mantle of Spider-Man in the Ultimate universe after Peter Parker dies saving his family. In fact, Miles proved so popular that following the events of Secret Wars (2015), where the Ultimate universe was destroyed, he found himself part of Earth-616, which is basically what most might refer to as "Marvel comics". Miles not only has powers similar to Spider-Man (wall-crawling, strength, etc.), but he can also essentially turn invisible and has a spider sting of sorts, by harnessing the electricity in his body and shocking people with it. Right? He's a badass! But wait, there's more.

MCU head honcho, Kevin Feige even addresses the Miles Easter egg, in a very Feige way. Speaking to Screen Crush, when asked about the reference to Miles, he not only confirms it, but he leaves the door wide open for us to one day see one of the most popular characters in Marvel comics of the past few years debut in the live-action MCU. 

All of those little things are just Easter eggs for fans until they’re something more than that. But anything that’s happened in the books is potential material for us. In the meantime, I think Miles is a big part of the animated movie that Sony’s making. But where we go ... we definitely want you to go “He’s there. He’s there somewhere.”

Miles Morales is a groundbreaking character for so many reasons and his inclusion in the MCU would not only be a welcomed sight because of how fucking cool he is as Spider-Man, but it's also vital to refreshing a genre that could be called a bit "whitewashed".

Adding fuel to the fire of excitement is the fact that current Peter Parker, Tom Holland, sounds pretty keen on teaching Miles Morales how to be a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. In an interview with Screen Rant, Holland sounds like he's already more than ready Miles' on-screen debut. 

That would be something that I would be very up for doing, it’s something that I would really really hope to happen. I think Miles Morales is a great character, I think it would be fantastic to have an actor of color playing a superhero on screen and I just think it’s going to be something very cool and something very exciting for this universe.

Let's hope Sony and Marvel keep playing nice so we can get amazing Spider-Man movies for the foreseeable future. We're due.