Hello friends.

One of these days I'll bring you good news involving the Fantastic Four. One day. 20th Century Fox is working on a reboot of the Fantastic Four franchise, without specifically calling it a reboot and the writer they chose has his fair share of shit movies. Excited yet?

Seth Grahame-Smith is apparently hard at work on a treatment for a new Fantastic Four movie. Grahame-Smith has written such collossal fuckpiles as Dark Shadows, Pride & Prejudice & Zombies and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. To his credit, he did also write The LEGO Batman Movie, but you gotta be wary of that track record, especially given the concept of the proposed movie. According to Bleeding Cool, the film will focus on the children of Reed and Sue. Yeah. No shit. 

...it will concentrate on Franklin and Valeria, the children of Reed Richards and Susan Storm. While still having the Thing and the Human Torch along for the ride.

Indeed, the whole movie will be kid-centric with a vibe far more reminiscent of The Incredibles.

This is particular bad news for fans of Marvel's first family. First off, Marvel would like nothing more than to regain the rights to their beloved Fantastic Four and get them in the MCU. Unfortunately, the rights will never revert to Marvel as long as Fox keeps producing Fantastic Four movies. Completely fucked I know. We all assumed that after Josh Trank's truly awful 2015 reboot that Fox would've just let this one go. 

I don't know about you, but let's hope this film never sees the light of day. I'm all for kid's having their own superhero movies and the like, but there is absolutely zero reason to drop another $150 million trying to reboot the Fantastic Four franchise, again. Especially if it will be based on an exceedingly terrible idea that is being written by a guy whom it would not be unfair to refer to as a bit hacky. 

What do you think? Are you excited for this latest reboot or should Fox just leave well enough alone. It might be more entertaining if they just flushed the money directly down the toilet themselves this time around.