That's right nerds. The rumored R-rated Venom movie is becoming a reality. Sony announced that Tom Hardy will play Eddie Brock in the long-rumored Venom movie, which is Sony's first in an R-rated-verse with their Marvel characters. I do find it curious that Sony made no mention of a separate universe from Spider-Man. So, I fully expect Spider-Man to go toe-to-toe with one of his greatest foes as soon as he graduates high school.  

Casting eternal badass Tom Hardy as Venom is a fucking firecracker of a call. I'll admit, I was nowhere near excited for this movie, but Hardy is swaying me. A lot. If there's ever a guy who seems tailormade for comic book movies, it's him. He's played some real BAMF in his day and he's always convincing. Prepare for some of my money, Sony.

Add in Zombieland director, aka Roger Rabbit himself, Ruben Fleischer and we could be in for a fun time at the movies. Hopefully, Scott Rosenberg and Jeff Pinkner are on their A-games for this, as each has more than the lion's share of "meh" movies under their belts, e.g. The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Gone in 60 Seconds. 

Venom is currently slated for an October 5, 2018 release date, so expect a whirlwind of casting announcements soon as production should begin this fall.