Hello nerds!

It's just been some time since we had heard anything from the latest reboot of the iconic Halloween movies, but damn. Did they ever just drop a fat whopper on us. The Blumhouse Productions Twitter has officially announced that Jamie Lee Curtis is returning as the tragic hero of the best films of the franchise, Laurie Strode. Plus, we get our first look at the ultra-throwback Michael Myers. Swoon.

DUUUUUUDE!!!!!! JAMIE LEE!!! And how about them going with the old school look for Michael? Holy shit! All of this is terribly exciting, even if it does raise some questions.

I was under the impression that this movie was to be a reboot of the franchise, and since no real plot details are available, it's difficult to tell where this movie falls in the franchise canon. If it's tied to the OG H1 and H2, are we to discount the events of Halloween: Resurrection? If so, dope. I'm totally OK with that. If it is indeed a reboot, maybe it's more of a "soft" one. If that's the case, then dope. I'm totally OK with that. I've been more than ready for this film ever since we first told you about it.

For those unfamiliar, the movie is being written by Danny McBride and David Gordon Green, who is also set to direct. They promised their take on the story would be, "dark and vicious horror" and that "Nobody will be laughing".  Well, that works for me, but some of you (like me) are horror purists and are immediately poo poo-ing this movie. Well, to you I say that I actually first learned of this movie from John Carpenter's Facebook. He loves the idea. No shit, indeed.

So, this fucking movie should be legit as fuck. Here's hoping Carpenter is dusting off his piano. *Cue theme*