Michael Myers Is Not Fecking Around. Halloween 2018 Trailer Details and Release Date Have Surfaced!

Michael Myers Is Not Fecking Around. Halloween 2018 Trailer Details and Release Date Have Surfaced!

Hello nerds!

The first trailer for Halloween 2018 was screened at CinemaCon and thanks to Eric Vespe of Rooster Teeth, we've got a full breakdown. You better prepare yourselves kids, because it sounds like Michael Myer is going to be a brutal motherfucker.

If you haven't been paying attention, this latest installment to the Halloween franchise will ignore ignore every other movie, except for the original. Taking things a step further, this film even changes the entire lore of the franchise in one foul swoop. So, Halloween 2018 is your classic "seboot".

The footage definitively states that none of the Halloween sequels matter. Everything that has been made after the events of the first film is out the window. There was even a scene with teenage characters talking about Laurie Strode and Michael Myers. “Wasn’t it her brother that killed all those people?” “It wasn’t her brother. That was something people made up.”

Pretty interesting take. I'm sure there are some who this will piss off immensely, but I'm OK with it. Granted, the sibling aspect was the basis of the original film, but if you consider it, it's not vital. Other Hollywood slashers and psycho killers aren't related to the victims they revisit in any of their sequels, so there's no real need for it here. But don't let them not being related lead you to believe Laurie Strode doesn't take the threat of Michael Myers' return seriously. Quite the opposite. In fact, it sounds like Laurie Strode has been ready for this since November 1, 1978.

Jamie Lee Curtis’ Laurie Strode is no damsel in distress here. In fact I don’t think there was one shot of her being afraid. Quite the opposite. She’s not only prepared for this moment (having rigged her house with various safe rooms, weapons and hidden compartments), she’s been hoping for it. At one point she even says that she prays he gets out someday so she can kill him.

From the footage I can say that when he does get out (looks like a bus crash lets loose a lot of the inmates) Laurie is hunting him just as much as he’s hunting his victims.

Swoon. OK. Now that the foundation is set, let's move on to the next level of the house of hell this movie sounds like it's going to be.

In the footage we see a couple of reporters or documentarians visiting the asylum where Myers is and they approach a man standing in an open courtyard, back to them, chained to the ground. Of course the dummy reporter guy pulls out the mask. I can’t tell you whether or not Michael responds to that (because we didn’t see any more of that scene), but it introduces the mask and Michael certainly gets it back at some point.

A bit of a Hannibal Lecter scene? I'm into it. Also, it appears as Michael is going to be less supernatural than he had gotten in the previously canon sequels, and more deranged lunatic. 

There’s an insanity to Michael this time out that is really off-putting. He’s not going crazy, but his body language and actions are just “off.” Super creepy.

Yowzers. In their determination to have us shitting our collective pants, Danny McBride and David Gordon Green are ramping up the "cat and mouse" games Michael plays with his victims. The poor fuckers. 

There was a great scene where a woman (I think maybe one of the reporters/documentarians?) is in a bathroom stall and you see Michael’s boots walk in. She’s like “Occupied” and his hand reaches over the top of the stall door and drops a half dozen bloody teeth down on her. That’s the kind of crazy we’re dealing with here.

The footage ended with a kid in bed asking his mom (or maybe a babysitter?) to close the closet door. The door is open a crack, the light from inside spilling out. She pushes it closed, but it bounces back. She does it again, it bounces back open. Third time it bounces she opens it fully revealing Myers, knife in hand.

Holy fucking shit, right? Release the trailer already! Unfortunately, for those of us not in attende it sounds like we're in for a long wait to see this amazingness for ourselves.

The original Halloween's Michael Myers, Nick Castle, took to his Twitter to say the trailer for the 2018 film wouldn't be released for the rest of the world for some time. Sucks, I know. 

I cannot fucking wait to hear John Carpenter's score hauntingly playing over the aforementioned lunacy and mayhem.

Halloween slices and dices its way into theaters on October 19.

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