Hello nerds. After the lukewarm response to the, what some are calling "cosplay", costumes the cast of Marvel's Inhumans are wearing, the powers that be have released a teaser for the upcoming show. By teaser, I mean there is zero to go on, other than the delectable Iwan Rheon monologuing as only a villain can. His voice does hit a certain note of creep and we love him for it. 

See? Teaser. I'd expect more and more to be revealed about this show as we roll into the summer and I can't wait. If done right, this show could be a nice way to transition Marvel TV into the more cosmic realm the MCU is headed towards following Infinity War. 

And for those who are trashing the costumes, I do agree the wig they chose for Medusa in the photo is a bit cheap looking. However, do you all remember how "bad" Thor or Cap looked suited up in their trailers? How about some of the CGI work for Iron Man or Hulk from their debuts? Not as great as when the actual movies came out right? Join us in trying to reserve judgement until we see the Inhumans in action. Afterall, with Scott Buck (Iron Fist, Tremors 4: The Legend Begins) serving as showrunner, it's bound to be a hit. Yes?

Marvel's Inhumans will run in IMAX theaters for two weeks starting on September 1, 2017, before premiering on ABC on September 26, 2017.