I guess mystical ninjas and whatever else is in store for Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist are way too easy for Stark and crew to bother wasting their time with, as NYC is in trouble again. Only this time around the Big Apple will have to rely on what Marvel seems to consider the "lesser" heroes of the MCU, the Defenders, to save the day.

I say "lesser" due to the the excruciatingly odd fucking reason the Defenders aren't important enough for inclusion in the larger MCU. Shit, they can't even get a veiled reference in either AoS or the films. By and large, the heroes Marvel has given us on Netflix are just as watchable as their big screen counterparts and I maintain that Jessica Jones is top to bottom one of the greatest things Marvel as done in live action to date, so why the Defenders appear to only be an afterthought is quite the pain in the sweet meats. 

At any rate, what should we expect from Marvel's The Defenders when it launches on August 18th? Ass kicking, quips, amazing visual effects and from the looks of it we'll get another one of our beloved hallway fights. Feast your eyes!