Hello nerds. In the most Marvel way possible, the premiere date for The Defenders was "leaked" via security footage from the villainous, Midland Circle. The Defenders are presumably fresh from an unexpected fight, given Matt Murdock's attire and Jessica Jones smashes the elevator's camera. If you look at the time stamp, it stopped at 8:18:20:17. So, it looks like we're going to be ending our summer with a bang. 

Also, Marvel has launched a viral site for the upcoming Netflix event, The Defenders. The site is an archive for the New York Bulletin and each one of the Defenders is referenced in an old headline. Plus, there's a well deserved shout out to Claire Temple. 


But it's this last front page image that I find particularly interesting. You see that bit down there with the wild eyed old man (Love you Doc Brown)? He's in search for a lost city? Well, everyone seems to be of the opinion that with..


..the way to K'un-Lun vanishing in the final scene of Iron Fist, that he's obviously searching for K'un-Lun. I say, it's way, way bigger than that. Like we talked about on the latest podcast (click here), I think this crackpot is looking for Atlantis. I know. I've put for this theory before and I cling to it, but there are some supporting factors. 

Danny and Colleen are the only two people who know that K'un-Lun is actually "lost". So, what other "lost city" has been referenced in the MCU you ask? Atlantis. The lost city of Atlantis was called out in Iron Man 2. And if you consider that DC is going to debut their own version of an Atlantean BAMF in the form of Jason Momoa's Aquaman in the Justice League. So, why wouldn't Marvel show their own? 

The truth is out there.


For pudding, there's also a link to a website for Colleen Wing's school, complete with a somewhat quirky commercial that's well worth the watch.