Hello friends! Like us, are you a bit underwhelmed by what we've seen so far from the royal family in Marvel's Inhumans? Well, prepare to adjust your hype levels to mild, because the first trailer might just change your mind. Check it out! 

Attilan! Black Bolt showing a teensy bit of the destructive power of his voice! Lockjaw! Triton! Hawaii? I'm still not really digging Medusa's hair and I'm not sure which accent Iwan Rhoen (Ramsay Bolton) is going for, but I wish he would pick one and stick to it. Champagne problems, I know.

Given what we just saw in the trailer, I doubt I'll be checking it out in IMAX on September 1, but I'll definitely be tuning in on September 29 for the two-hour premiere on ABC. How about you?