That's right nerds. The latest issue of Total Film Magazine confirms what those who know their comic lore have known for a longtime. Cyborg is indeed a Mother Box. 

Remember back in Batman V Superman when we saw Dr. Silas Stone using an Mother Box at S.T.A.R. Labs to save Victor's life? Well, it turns out that "US Gov Object 6-19-82" is actually a Mother Box and it's what makes Cyborg all cyborgy.

For the general movie goer exactly what Mother Boxes are and why they're important is confusing as balls right now. There's no details other than that it looks alien and can do some really amazing stuff. They don't know there are three Mother Boxes and the baddie of the Justice League, Steppenwolf, will be hunting them down on Darkseid's orders.

Non-comic reading DCEU fans should pick up a few issues from the new 52, play Injustice and maybe even watch a few of the newer animated movies for a bit of perspective since the films of the DCEU don't seem to want to offer it. 

Still. The Justice League, if done right, might be able to erase the bad taste the rest of the movies have left in our collective mouths.