Save us Dame Judi Dench. You're our only hope.  

For those unaware, Josh Gad is currently vying for greatest nerd hero of 2017. He's filming Murder on the Orient Express with Daisy Ridley and has twice tried to get some Last Jedi spoilers out of her. To Daisey's credit and our dismay, she has not let anything slip.

Well, this time Gad has turned to the iconic Dame Judi Dench to try and get answers from Daisy. 

After watching this a few times, I gotta ask. Why the f*ck has Judi Dench not been in a Star Wars movie? Or Game of Thrones? I mean right? She's prefect for either and both. Basically, more DJD! This must happen!

Watching her question Daisy about Snoke's true identity and midi-chlorians is absolutely bananas and I want more. Let's hope Gad started filming again when Daisy told Dame Judi Dench everything she wanted to know. For all our sake's.