For those of you that had concerns about this movie, let this trailer wash over you and feel those worries melt away... in absolutely terrifying fashion.

Dude. Just what in the ridiculous shit? I mean, wow! From the looks of things, Ridley Scott is bringing the thunder. Alien:Covenant definitely feels more Alien than Prometheus from what all we've seen so far, but I've got a couple of questions about some things in the trailer.

What kind of creature is that woman being attacked by? An early stage Xeno or maybe there are different kinds of them on that world? And who is that figure in the cloak and are those freaking bodies strewn all around that the figure is taking a stroll through?

I'm sure the more times I watch the trailer, I'll come up with a few more quesions. Still, all in all I think we're in for quite the treat come May 19th.