Hello nerds!

Below is a brand new trailer for the Justice League and it features a lot of new footage for the film, a bunch of jokes, and a possible intro to a new superhero. Or a re-introduction. 

Who was the mysterious figure that Alfred is talking to? $5 is on Clark. I'm not really feeling much Joss in trailer. Maybe it was cut from all of the stuff Zack Snyder shot, since presumably Joss' scenes are still being filmed. Time will tell on this one, but given what we've seen from this movie so far I think we're headed for Shitsville. 

Shockingly, the biggest news from Warner Bros' in Hall H is the announcement the long-delayed Flash movie is being re-titled and the new title will simultaneously excite and confuse the fuck out of fans of the comics. And logic. The Flash will be titled, Flashpoint, and presumably will be based on the DC comics version, which rebooted the universe into the New 52.

It's confusing because we've yet to see the Flash in the movies. We haven't spent time with him becoming the Flash and coping with the immense power he as and the struggle to do what's right for the world and not himself, , so why the fuck do we care he's trying to reset the timeline and save his mother from the Reverse-Flash? And then it hit me. It's the perfect way to reboot the DCEU and fix a few things.

Given the rumors about Ben Affleck and Jared Leto not returning to their roles after Justice League, it stands to reason that a new Batman and Joker could simply be a result of Flashpoint and this gives the studio the freedom it needs to retcon a few things. Brace yourselves my friends and don't really bother paying attention too closely to the events of the DCEU before Flashpoint because none of it will matter. So who gives a shit? 

If they truly do Flashpoint, the one that those who are familiar with the comics or animated movie are familiar with, it may not be a bad thing because there is one hell of a silver lining. We may finally meet one of the greatest and darkest superheroes ever created, Thomas Wayne's Batman as played by Jeffrey Dean "By god" Morgan and that's a movie I'll see in theaters. Thrice.