It has arrived. The first official trailer for Zack Snyder's Justice League is here and it is chock-full of goodies. Banter, fun, superhero team-ups, fun, more banter and fun. Did I mention fun?

Check it out!

Aquaman FTW! Parademons! Hokey soundtrack! So, besides Jason Momoa emerging as the breakout star of this movie we got to lay our eyes on  Queen Mera, Lois Lane, Henry Allen and Jim Gordon rocking what I'm going to go ahead and officially title "The Greatest Moustache of 2017". 

All in all the FX looks slick as hell, but looks were never a problem for the DCU. It's the story. I'll admit, I was souring on this movie and the direction of the DCU in general after everyone associated with it was touting the "new," and "fun" direction, but I have to admit this trailer has me kind of excited to see more. I think it also bodes well for this movie that there wasn't one reference or allusion to Superman at all. Maybe Wonder Woman and the Justice League will right the ship.

What do you think?