#83 – Three-Eyed Raven:No Effs Given

The Rise of Skywalker and the return of Palpatine, favorite Harry Potter books, tips for avoiding Avengers:Endgame spoilers, more Friday the 13th movies, and the premiere of Game of Thrones and a surprising cameo. #AlwaysSunnyInWesteros Enjoy!

#79 – A Double Dose Of Hasselhoff

The films of JCVD, enemies of Asgard should start saying their prayers & eating their vitamins, Rey could still be a Skywalker, and David Hasselhoff wrote & narrated a novel about himself; as a spy. #HoffToSaveTheWorld Enjoy!

#75 – Deck The Balls

Christmas movies to watch when all the good ones are gone, the great Ernest P. Worrell, best & worst movies of 2018 and unexpectedly seeing the nutsack of a comedy icon. #MethodActing Enjoy!

#74 – Dawson Be Thy Name

Dawson's Creek speculation, spoilers for Game of Thrones last season, the trailers for Captain Marvel & Avengers:Endgame, James Gunn's latest movie is a horror/superhero mashup and 1986's Cobra is kind of terrible. #Surprisingly Enjoy!

#73 – Action Movie Christmas

Action movies that take place during Christmas, Guardians of the Galaxy 3 possibly found a director, Infinity War will be on Netflix for the holidays and Deadpool PG-13 might be worth a trip to the cinema. #FredSavageRules Enjoy!