#83 – Three-Eyed Raven:No Effs Given

The Rise of Skywalker and the return of Palpatine, favorite Harry Potter books, tips for avoiding Avengers:Endgame spoilers, more Friday the 13th movies, and the premiere of Game of Thrones and a surprising cameo. #AlwaysSunnyInWesteros Enjoy!

#79 – A Double Dose Of Hasselhoff

The films of JCVD, enemies of Asgard should start saying their prayers & eating their vitamins, Rey could still be a Skywalker, and David Hasselhoff wrote & narrated a novel about himself; as a spy. #HoffToSaveTheWorld Enjoy!

#75 – Deck The Balls

Christmas movies to watch when all the good ones are gone, the great Ernest P. Worrell, best & worst movies of 2018 and unexpectedly seeing the nutsack of a comedy icon. #MethodActing Enjoy!

#74 – Dawson Be Thy Name

Dawson's Creek speculation, spoilers for Game of Thrones last season, the trailers for Captain Marvel & Avengers:Endgame, James Gunn's latest movie is a horror/superhero mashup and 1986's Cobra is kind of terrible. #Surprisingly Enjoy!

#73 – Action Movie Christmas

Action movies that take place during Christmas, Guardians of the Galaxy 3 possibly found a director, Infinity War will be on Netflix for the holidays and Deadpool PG-13 might be worth a trip to the cinema. #FredSavageRules Enjoy!

#64 – Grandpa Wookie Is A Freak

Better Call Saul, Sony's Venom, winter is coming this spring with the last season of Game of Thrones, Star Wars Episode IX news and the over the top absurdity of the 1978 Holiday Special. #LifeDayIsForWookiePorn Enjoy!