#64 – Grandpa Wookie Is A Freak

Better Call Saul, Sony's Venom, winter is coming this spring with the last season of Game of Thrones, Star Wars Episode IX news and the over the top absurdity of the 1978 Holiday Special. #LifeDayIsForWookiePorn Enjoy!

#63 – SDCC 2018 And Leave Your Brains At Home

This show is all about the good, the bad and the weird from this year's San Diego Comic-Con. The boys talk about the WB/DC films are finally taking a page out of the Marvel book and making some fun movies with Aquaman & SHAZAM, the new season of The Walking Dead is shaking things up with a few major deaths & "talking" zombies and The Crimes of Grindelwald could actually turn out to be a great movie. #InSpiteofJohnnyDepp Enjoy!

#62 – Lando Strikes Back & Tim Cappello Still Believes

The boys talk about the the long-awaited return of Billy Dee Williams as Lando Calrissian, The Predator reboot/sequel might not be doomed, the brilliant ridiculousness of Demolition Man, Marilyn Manson did a cover of "Cry Little Sister" from 1987's The Lost Boys (it's sh*t) and speaking of the beloved cult-classic vampire film, the most famous shirtless and oiled-up saxophonist of all-time has released his first solo album. Finally. #BloodOnTheReedFireOnTheCharts

#61 – A Universe Unmastered And Ant-Man 2: The Wasp FTW

The boys talk about the delicious absurdity of 1987's Masters of the Universe starring Dolph Lundgren, rewatching The Last Jedi wasn't a terrible experience, Chucky is getting a TV show & a film reboot and a review of Marvel's Ant-Man and the Wasp. #HilariousUntilItWasHeartbreaking

#60 – Gary Oldman Is Dope & Maul vs. Obi-Wan: Round 2

The boys talk about Top Gun 2 & who they hope to see return from the original, Nicolas Cage is back with a truly amazing looking film, the greatness that is the insanity of Gary Oldman, Jared Leto is sorta joining the MCU and possible titles of Avengers 4. #InfinityWar2ElectricBoogaloo

#59 – Hulk In A Super Suit & Livin' That Lifted Life

The boys take a gander at the “elevated” footwear of Robert Downey Jr., they talk about the upcoming Joker movie starring Jared Leto (seriously), some spoilers for Avengers 4 and the trailer for the Halloween reboot is pants-shittingly terrifying. #BetterWearYourBrownPants

#57 – Horror TV Shows & Dad Bod Spider-Man

The boys talk about Jake Gyllenhaal sorta joining the MCU, the greatness that was the Tales From The Crypt TV show, 90s icon Pauly Shore (spoilers: he's alive) and they pitch their ideas for the upcoming Lethal Weapon 5. #RIPRiggs

#58 – Sci-Fi Grandeur & Solo: Better Than Last Jedi?

The boys talk about the brilliant insanity of the upcoming Sci-Fi thriller, Solis and the John Wick-ian acid trip that is Upgrade, Rick Grimes will gather his last stuff n 'thangs on the 9th season of The Walking Dead and the boys saw the newest addition to the Star Wars franchise; surprisingly one of them really loved it. Listen in as the talk gets real about an imaginary universe as they review Solo:A Star Wars Story. #ItMightBetterThanLastJedi

#55 – A Rhino In A Blonde Wig & The Hot Rod Breaks Fluffy

From a prestigious selection of films, the boys determine the best movie to star a professional wrestler. In order to do so properly, they enlisted the aid of actual professional wrestler, Ethan HD. And he shares a hilarious story involving the legendary Rowdy Roddy Piper wanting to mess with the mind of comedian Gabriel Iglesias. #HotRodWasThereToDoTwoThings  #AndHeWasAllOutOfBubblegum

#54 – RDJ: Affluent As F**k & You've Been Cobra Kai'd

The boys share a few more thoughts on Avengers: Infinity War & the FAT stacks of cash Robert Downey Jr. banked from it, the upcoming reboot of Stephen King's Pet Sematary could be OK and an in-depth review of the surprisingly deep, Cobra Kai. #SweepTheLegBreakAHip #NerdsBreakBad 

#53 – What The Hell Just Happened? An Avengers: Infinity War Review

The boys talk about Amazon's upcoming remake of Suspiria!, the Halloween 2018 trailer was screened and it teases some haunting shit, they breakdown the sheer fucking epicness that is Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War and why they need to see it again. And again. #5TimesAndCounting #Sofar

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#52 - Killer Klowns And TV You Can Read

The boys talk about two of the best-worst films based on Stephen King books, Klowns from Outer Space who aren't very polite, the similarities between The Walking Dead & Game of Thrones and a beloved childhood film joins the unending list of rebooted movies. #Gremlins3TheNewNewBatch

#51 – G-Rated Porno and The Next To The Last Starfighter

The boys talk about good shark movies, bad horror reboots, the plans to remake the immortal classic that is 1984's The Last Starfighter, and the ultra-low-budget, but hilariously titled movies of The Asylum. #AtlanticRimJob

Be advised, there are MAJOR Infinity War Spoilers in this week's show. 

#48 - Nicolas Cage Strikes Back & Charles Bronson: The Reboot

The boys talk about Rob Zombie finishing the Firefly Family trilogy, Nicolas Cage wields a fucking chainsaw in his latest and critically acclaimed role, the trailer for The Crimes of Grindelwald and its' lack of "Deppth" (thank you) and a Charles Bronson clone made an action movie. #BronziFTW

# 47 – Some Holds Barred & Bro'Ing Down With Ghosts

The boys talk about how Marvel's Infinity War releasing early is like a hug from a warm doughnut, they take an in-depth look at Hulk Hogan's first starring role in a movie, Steven Seagal "plays" the guitar and the squad of bros from Ghost Adventures made a documentary about a haunted house. #DemonsAndAxeBodySpray

# 46 – New Star Wars, Old Vampires & Jesus 2: The Sequel

The boys talk about the BBC's plans to reboot Dracula and why it won't suck *thank you*, it sounds like Avengers 3 & 4 have some pretty lofty goals, Mel Gibson is making another biblical flick and they take a dive into the murky waters that are the films of Steven Seagal. #LansingsThirdGreatestSon