Greetings nerds!

Tomorrow is the finale of the spectacular seventh season of HBO's Game of Thrones and the preview for the episode is fairly light on spoilers. Luckily, I've got you covered.

As previously mentioned, the entire plot for this season leaked online last year and the leaks have been 100% on the money, so let's prepare ourselves and maybe slip on our shittin' pants. It's about to get awesome. 

Episode 7

  • Littlefinger tries to play Arya and Sansa against each other, using the letter Sansa wrote to Robb (at the behest of Cersei and Littlefinger) to swear fealty to Joffrey. Sansa figures out she's being played with Bran's help.
  • Meeting at the dragonpit with basically everyone. They demonstrate the reality of the white walkers and it terrifies Cersei (apparently the Mountain chops up the wight and it keeps moving, Jon shows them the only way to kill it is with dragonglass or fire). She tells them she will send forces to help defeat the undead, but admits to Jaime she was lying. She wants the undead to clear out as many of her enemies as possible. Disgusted, Jaime begins to ride North.
  • Tyrion takes a moment to talk to Cersei alone after the Dragonpit parlay.
  • Cersei awakens in a bed soaked with blood. The general consensus is that she miscarries.
  • Sam and Bran figure out Jon's heritage. He is apparently a legitimised Targaryen named "Aegon".
  • There will be a flashback scene to Rhaegar and Lyanna's wedding.Jon and Dany have sex for the first time on a boat headed North.
  • Sansa sentences Littlefinger to death, which Arya carries out.
  • The Wall falls at the end of the episode. The Night King attacks the Wall with the reanimated Viserion. He now breathes blue flame.

In the immortal words of Harry Doyle, "Oh shit.". I know that for a lot of people spoilers are fucking dreadful, but for some, all they do is fan the flames of nerd and build excitement to see the events unfold before our very eyes. And these spoilers, were the candle that crumbled Great Sept of Baelor in a torrent of wildfire.