For the benefit of those not old enough to remember Dr. Katz, he was a therapist who tried his best to help his patients, celebrities playing themselves, in an animated show that hasn't been on the air since 2002. If you haven't seen it, please do so. Immediately.  And for those in the know, prepare to smile because Dr. Katz is coming back.

Starting June 8th, on Audible, Dr. Katz is re-opening his practice and will be therapizing the likes of Maria Bamford, Ron Funches, Ted Danson, Pete Holmes, Sarah Silverman and Emo Philips to name a few. Fear not, because the incomparable H. Jon Benjamin is also set to return as Ben, Dr. Katz's lovable slacker son. 

It's unfortunate we won't be able to actually see any of these new sessions in our beloved Squigglevision, from the original show and later in the amazing Home Movies, but being of a certain age and dealing with my own neuroses I'll take all the new Dr. Katz they're willing to give. In any format.