Hello fellow nerds.

We all knew it was coming, even if we're not really sure how it will be accomplished. The Legendary Entertainment and Warner Bros. movie, Godzilla vs Kong, has found its director in Adam Wingard. One word of advice, cast The Rock. Immediately. 

Per a report from THR, the guy behind the remake of the Blair Witch and parts of the V/H/S movies is going to be in charge of pitting two of the most iconic monsters in history against one another in a remake of the 1962 classic, King Kong vs. Godzilla. This latest remake will be based on a script by some of the folks who wrote such films as the Thor, Star Trek Beyond, the Maze Runner franchise, the Lone Ranger, the Pirates of the Caribbean movies and Transcendence to name a few. I'm not sure of the exact recipe for a shit sandwich, but they might be wrangling the proper ingredients. 

To be fair, this being a "big budget" movie it's likely that Wingard being a bit untested in the field is exactly what the studio wants; someone to come in and follow their vision. While not necessarily a bad thing, it'd be a hell of a lot easier to get excited for this movie if the majority of the writers weren't responsible for what might be fairly referred to as "utter bullshit". 

There's no plot details, other than the assumption that Kong and Godzilla will have an epic smackdown. Well, maybe it won't be all that epic considering that Godzilla is 4 times bigger than Kong, but we'll see what kind of movie shenaniganry the studio can come up with the make the monsters of equal size. 

I'll say it again. Cast The Rock. It'd be nice to have our future president's last Hollywood run for a few years be full of giant monsters and superheroes.