Good morning friends!

For those who don't follow Josh Brolin on Instagram, the almost quinquagenarian has been putting the work in at the ole iron paradise and he's been kind enough to share his transformation into Cable with the world. He's even been using an interesting little hashtag to commemorate each of his training posts, "#ryanreynoldsismybitch". Such passion is admirable and appreciated.

Well, in furthering his physical transformation, Brolin's now got himself a brand new haircut to better fit that of a the time-traveling, mutant BAMF. 

I now present you with Brolin's latest training video and holy shit. May we be forgiven if we ever had any doubts that he could get beefed enough to play Cable. I mean, shit. We're experiencing some serious elder gentleman goals.

We here at The Children of the Adams have not, and without aid of a super-soldier serum, may not ever be that fit. Brolin is really revelling in his further immersion into the land of costumed superheroes and it could make Deadpool 2 even more spectacular than its predecessor. 

For dessert, check out the cover for Marvel's Cable #1 which just hit the shelves. It appears as though Marvel is updating Cable's face a bit to look to incorporate Brolin's grizzled, good looks. Does anyone else see a resemblance?