According to THR, Josh Brolin has signed a deal that would see him suit up as Cable in a total of 4 movies for the Deadpool led, X-Force Universe. Brolin's casting surely knocked most of us on our collective asses, as smart money was most recently on Michael Shannon and David Harbour to land the role of Deadpool's mutant pal from the future.

Brolin himself seems to be all-in for the Deadpool antics that Reynolds brings off and on-camera, as evinced by the way he announced his casting. 

Word of this got back to Deadpool himself and he responded as only Wade can. And it even includes a special shout out to Zazie Beet's Domino. 

Never change Ryan. We love you.  I have to admit that I'm already loving Brolin being Cable. Can't wait to hear Wade crack some jokes about The Goonies or Thanos. Should be a shitload of fun.