Yes, nerds. The Man of Steel is might be a bit of a troll. Henry Cavill's been dealing with a knee injury that required some rest from the gym. Terrible I know. Not to worry though folks because Hank's back at work sculpting that fleshy mountain of madness that is his torso and he shared it with Instagram.

That's where things get weird. Not "weird", like he only posts pics of chewed gum he finds on the street. "Weird" as in he might be teasing an out of this world surprise in the Justice League. Check it out!

Dude! What?! I so desperately want to believe that we're getting a Green Lantern in Zack Snyder's Justice League, just as desperately as I don't want them to (for obvious reasons).

Anyways, back to the beefy British gentleman.  A quick flick through Hank's Instagram and we see that THIS ISN'T THE FIRST TIME he's teased Hal's RETURN TO the DCU. 

This guy. Only time will tell if Hank's just yanking our collective chains or he's dropping truth nuggets. Either way it kind of makes me want to hug him. Right?