Hello friends!

According to Universal Pictures, "In one year, life finds a way.". Accompanying these charming and moderately ominous words is the first poster for the upcoming next chapter in the Jurassic Park franchise and it bears a couple of gifts. Namely the title and what I think is confirmation of the plot and location. Brace yourselves nerds. This could get awesome.

We're going going, back back, To Isla Nublar Nublar.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom! I mean, right? The title alone indicates they're headed back to the home of the first Jurassic Park and now when you consider that fact Dr. Ian Malcolm is along for the ride. Dude. Sign me up.

It's already going to be a busy year at the theater with all of the superhero movies due out in 2018, but I suppose I can squeeze this one in as well. How about you?