Hello nerds. At the PaleyFest panel for the CW DCTV shows, The Flash producer Andrew Kreisberg confirmed one thing about the villain of season 4 of The Flash. They won't be able to outrun Barry Allen, because the villain will finally NOT be a speedster. Please excuse me while I hit an eyeroll of Liz Lemon proportions of epicness.

Next season we’re not going to have a speedster.

In a world of metahumans, I get that you might have a few that have similar powers and some of them will be villains, but yowzers.

The Flash, currently in its third year, has already featured a plethora of speedsters. We've already seen Reverse-Flash, Zoom, Savitar, Kid-Flash, Jesse Quick, The Rival, Black Flash, The Accelerated Man, Trajectory and Jay freaking Garrick. I'll say it again, a plethora of speedsters. Anyways, it's hard to imagine Barry not going toe to toe with someone who is faster than he is, so who could the new villain be? 

Thanks to the episode of The Flash featuring Abra Kadabra, I'm almost positive we know who Season 4's villain is because the "magic" man from the 64th Century just outright told us in a monologue. Because that's what villains do. They monologue. 

Here it is, in the future you and I have been enemies for years. There have been others, of course. There’s Thawne, Zoom, DeVoe, but none of them hurt you like Savitar. He truly broke you. I have to be honest, I always was a bit jealous. But now, it’s like I get to kill her too.

The Flash vs The Thinker. Speed force vs a thinking cap. At least it won't be a race to death this time around and Barry will have to use his brains to save the day. What do you think nerds? Who would you like to see The Flash take on that can't run super-fast?