Hello nerds!

As we suspected, Joss Whedon's work on the Justice League is way more involved than the studio was letting on. Rumor has it the additional "re-shoots" Joss Whedon is doing should more be referred to as "additional photography" and they will feature the entire cast of the JL itself. Guess this means this movie might be more like the Avengers after all. 

Per a report from Batman On Film, ole Joss and crew are already hard at work and will be busy for the few weeks, if not most of the summer.

I have been told by a 100% vetted and more-than-reliable source that re-shoots on JUSTICE LEAGUE have commenced in London under the helm of Joss Whedon and that they will be “significant.” So much so, that these reshoots are expected to take place through June and July, and maybe into August. They are NOT your “standard” pick-ups.”

Now, with all of that in mind we have to wonder about a few things. Will Joss' additional work on the film be enough to change the tone of the Justice League to be more of his than Snyder's or will it be a convoluted mess? Could Joss walk away fairly clean from the movie if it turns out to be terrible? And what does this mean for the Justice League's November 17th, 2017 release date? Curious. Most curious indeed.