Hello nerds. As anticipation builds more and more for the release of Spider-Man:Homecoming, we're going to be inundated with a barrage advertising for it. For example, the clip below as released during the MTV awards, and I've got to tell you that I am so fecking excited for this movie. In the clip we get a real sense of Peter's relationship with his best friend Ned and some new shots of Spider-Man in action. I think I'm going to like Ned and I really think Peter should remember to check his blind spots. Maybe Peter's Spidey sense is a bit underdeveloped in his first solo film, seeing how Ned got the drop on him. Check it out!

That's classic Ned right there. Speaking of classic, check out that Ditko-y poster. It's got a real Amazing Fantasy #15 vibe and I dig it. July 5th cannot get here fast enough. Are you as excited as I am?