Hello nerds!

It seems the rumors about a possible return of Kilgrave in Marvel/Netflix's Jessica Jones Season 2 are true, thanks to some leaked set images, courtesy of @dxvid616 on the Twitter.  

Fresh from the currently in production JJS2, the images reveal that David Tennant's wildly popular and frighteningly cold villain, Kilgrave, might not be dead after all. In fact, the Purple Man seems to be up to this old tricks and is messing with the minds of Jessica Jones and her trusty sidekick, Malcolm Ducasse.  

Since this is a Marvel property, it really wouldn't be out of whack if Kilgrave returned from the dead, even if he did suffer a broken freaking neck courtesy of Double J, but it's also entirely possible that, given his utterly terrifying powers of being able to control the minds and actions of those he chooses, Kilgrave lives on in their minds. Shit. Terrifying, I tell you. 

Jessica Jones Season 2 premieres on Netflix sometime next year, but you can catch Jessica and Malcolm in all-new adventures in Marvel's The Defenders.