Hello nerds!

In a surprising bit of news, THR has confirmed a last minute casting change to one of the leads of Josh Boone's X-Men: New Mutants.

Alice Braga (I Am Legend, Predators) has replaced Rosario as Dawson as Dr. Cecilia Reyes, the mutant M.D., in the upcoming movie. Apparently, the filming of the Marvel Netflix shows might be to blame for her decision to leave. Filming hasn't started yet on New Mutants, so this somewhat sudden change shouldn't impact the movie, unlike the casting updates that were made for X-Men: Dark Phoenix.

It has also been announced that one of the most well-liked characters from the recent X-Men movies will be returning, as Evan Peters has signed on to suit back up as Quicksilver in the highly anticipated X-Men: Dark Phoenix, which starts production very soon. Canadian TV star Lamar Johnson is also joining the ensemble cast in an unknown role. Any guesses as to who Johnson is playing?

All in all, these movies are shaping up to be chock-full of mutants being heroic or villainous and doing generally dope shit. Anyone getting eXmen-cited?