Hello nerds!

The heavily anticipated sequel for Spider-Man: Homecoming has landed a couple of writers who are very familiar with our beloved Wall-Crawler. According to THR, Chris McKenna and Erik Sommers are in final negotiations to return to the franchise and write the script for the film.

The folks over at Sony seem to finally have their eyes on the prize with keeping Spider-Man fans happy and they're out to do it all over again. McKenna and Soomers' return means they'll be re-joining SMH1 director Jon Watts and the current pinnacle of Web-Heads, Tom Holland, as he returns as Peter Parker aka Spider-Man. This film should be insanely huge, as a sequel alone, but especially given the implications of where it is released in terms of the MCU.

SMH2 kicks things off for a new phase of the MCU, as it is the first movie released following Avengers 4; the events of which will basically shake the entire MCU to its core and leave us all feeling devastated, but oh so full of hope. 

Spider-Man: Homecoming 2 is set release on July 5, 2019.