And the shh..hits just keep on a coming. WB/DCEU's forthcoming The Flash is about to get a new writer. Again. The difference this time around is that it's a complete rewrite. Oh and they're still looking for a director. Encouraging, no?

WB has hired Joby Harold writer to take a whack at the script for The Flash. Variety is reporting the King Arthur: Legend of the Sword scribe has been brought in to do an entire rewrite of the script for Barry Allen's solo adventure. I would say "yikes" or something else appropriate, but I don't have the strength.

This is yet another disappointment in a long line of failures from the DCEU.  Is the WB the problem? One could definitely think that given the amount of writers and directors they've plowed through on this project alone. 

Phil Lord and Chris Miller wrote a treatment, but then shuffled over to the House of Mouse to start on the Han Solo prequel; Seth Grahame-Smith was next to sign on as writer and possibly director, but he split over creative differences the studio; Rick Famuyiwa was next and you can guess what happened. Creative differences with the studio and he too left the project. 

Yikes! Lord and Miller's departure notwithstanding it seems the problems stem from the studio. Is WB going to singlehandedly destroy the superhero genre or do they simply not undertsand the difference between DC and Marvel? DC should be darker and grittier, and maybe not so jokey. Not to say there's not humor in DC, because there is, but there's a vast difference between snarky banter and Bruce Wayne smirking like a buffoon. WB needs to stop trying to create this whacky and fun universe, and embrace the dark side. They might actually churn out a good movie or two and we all would benefit greatly from it.

So what does all this mean for The Flash? I think the torrential downpour of writers and directors this movie has had when added to Ezra Miller's fairly busy schedule with another WB franchise, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, means it's unlikely we'll be seeing The Flash hit the big screen in 2018.