It's A Chip Off The Ole Shining Block. Here's The Trailer For Stephen King's Doctor Sleep

It's A Chip Off The Ole Shining Block. Here's The Trailer For Stephen King's Doctor Sleep

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For those unfamiliar, 1980’s The Shining, is finally getting a sequel and Ewan McGregor is playing the adult version of tortured psychokinetic kid Danny Torrance from the original film directed by Stanley Kubrick. Doctor Sleep is based on the novel of the same name by horror legend Stephen King.

From the looks of the trailer, now that Danny Torrance is all grown up, he’ll be serving in the mentor role this time around; much like Dick Hallorann, played by the fantastic Scatman Crothers, did for Danny in the original film. The trailer is chock full of King’s particular brand of weird and scary, so I’m sure this movie will not disappoint. Not counting The Phantom Menace, Doctor Sleep marks McGregor’s first dive into the horror genre, and frankly it’s long overdue.

Mcgregor is a fantastic actor and with the man behind Netflix’s The Haunting of Hill House, Mike Flanagan, writing and directing, Doctor Sleep has all the necessary components to be one hell of a scary movie. And thanks to the popularity and financial success of the IT and Pet Sematary reboots, turning Stephen King novels into films is about as good as it gets in big budget horror movies.

Plus, with McGregor sporting a decent Jedi-beard in parts of the trailer, thoughts tend to drift towards the possibility a new project of the Obi-Wan variety could finally be happening. In the meantime, let’s hope someone is already working on the next Stephen King adaptation.

I would love to see a certain demonic Plymouth Fury hit the streets again. How about you?

Doctor Sleep creeps its way into theaters on November 8, 2019.

“Doctor Sleep” continues the story of Danny Torrance, 40 years after his terrifying stay at the Overlook Hotel in The Shining. Ewan McGregor, Rebecca Ferguson and newcomer Kyliegh Curran star in the supernatural thriller, directed by Mike Flanagan, from his own screenplay based upon the novel by Stephen King.

Still irrevocably scarred by the trauma he endured as a child at the Overlook, Dan Torrance has fought to find some semblance of peace. But that peace is shattered when he encounters Abra, a courageous teenager with her own powerful extrasensory gift, known as the “shine.” Instinctively recognizing that Dan shares her power, Abra has sought him out, desperate for his help against the merciless Rose the Hat and her followers, The True Knot, who feed off the shine of innocents in their quest for immortality.

Forming an unlikely alliance, Dan and Abra engage in a brutal life-or-death battle with Rose. Abra’s innocence and fearless embrace of her shine compel Dan to call upon his own powers as never before—at once facing his fears and reawakening the ghosts of the past.

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