Hello nerds!

It would seem that somewhere out there, someone is listening because a wish I've been very open about might actually come true. Karl Urban is coming back to play Judge Dredd. Feck yea! 

During the Star Trek convention in Las Vegas, Urban confirmed that he is in fact in negotiations to return as Judge Dredd in the forthcoming live-action TV show, Dredd: Mega-City One.

I am in discussions with them about that. I told them that if they write the material and give Dredd something to do and give him a function, I will be there. I would love to.

Dredd stands to this day as one of my favorite comic book movies and Urban is a gigantic part of that. He absolutely knocked it out of the fucking park. The look and feel of the film were near perfect as well and Lena Headey as your main baddie is never a shitty call. And to be fair, any movie featuring a song by the ridiculously talented Matt Berry is A-fucking-OK in my book. However, as much as I love the movie, I really love the idea of Dredd better as a TV show more.

Some comics are better served as serials and Dredd is one of them. A gritty, darkly funny, FX thrillride about a futuristic cop dishing out justice and kicking ass in a dystopian society is a pure bingeable delight that can build on the world that Dredd (2012) established. While there's no home for the show yet, rumor has it that Netflix, Amazon and HBO are the leading contenders and with the brilliant TV shows they've been dishing out as of late, we're in for a real treat. Plus, I more than like the chances seeing Karl Urban return to the role.

Dredd: Mega-City One is being developed by Dredd executive producer Jason Kingsley and he very recently said he would like to see Urban return, so I think it is only a matter of time before we see that strong, handsomely unshaven chin of Urban's wield the Lawgiver once again.