This Is The Land Of Confusion. Jason Momoa Says Hank Cavill Is Still Superman

This Is The Land Of Confusion. Jason Momoa Says Hank Cavill Is Still Superman

Hello nerds!

Well, this whole Superman situation is getting a bit confusing.

The last we heard, due to some fucking about by Warner Bros. and DC, the Justice League will need a new Batman and Superman. But if Aquaman is to be believed, at least one of those heroes will be returning.

While speaking to ET at the Aquaman premiere, Jason Momoa was asked about Cavill leaving Superman and the former Dothraki overlord unequivocally states ole Hank Cavill is indeed still the Man of Steel.

He’s absolutely not [leaving the character]. He loves the character, and he’s not. 100 percent.

Cool. Thanks for clearing that up. As much as I’d like to believe it, it’s difficult tat this time. Until WB or DC or Henry himself confirm he will indeed once again don the cape, it’s more likely that Henry Cavill’s time as Superman is over. And with Ben Affleck not returning as Batman, trying to replace two of the founding members of the Justice League might be too monumental of a feat to accomplish.

Thankfully, after seeing the fantastic trailer, Jason Momoa’s first solo outing as Aquaman looks like it’s off the frickin’ chain. Between Aquaman, Wonder Woman ‘84, James Gunn taking over the Suicide Squad, and Joaquin Phoenix killing it as The Joker, hope is not yet lost for DC films. So, let’s hope they can at least retain one half of the world’s finest.

Hopefully, without the moustache this time round.

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